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Video Shows Semi Striking Church Van


A truly disturbing video shows a semi-truck striking a church van killing five children on their way to Disney World. While it’s not clear why the accident happened, the driver appears to have lost control of the truck and the video shows the truck swerving out of control directly into the van. One survivor spoke out about the incident which occurred suddenly.

The video is taken from a dashcam which records the truck in the distance suddenly veering left. The truck made its way into oncoming traffic and struck the van head-on. The result was a fiery accident that claimed the lives of five children in the van and the driver of the semi.

Why Did This Accident Happen?

In an accident like this where the truck veers out of control, there are a few possibilities. The first possibility is that driver error. The driver of the truck could have either fallen asleep at the wheel or, in some cases, the driver has a stroke or a heart attack while operating the vehicle and loses control. In that case, liability would fall on the trucking company since it was the driver’s fault. But the trucking company wouldn’t necessarily be guilty of negligence since there was no way to predict the driver would suffer a medical event at that point in time.

The second possibility is that there was some mechanical malfunction with the truck that caused the driver to lose control of it. In that case, the trucking company would not only be liable for the deaths of the children and the injuries of the passenger of the van, but also their own driver’s death as well. Trucking companies are expected to run a series of checks on trucks before they begin deliveries. When they don’t, that is clear proof of negligence.

In addition, if there was a third-party vendor that contributed to the accident, for instance, a tire company whose product malfunctioned, that company can be sued under the theory of product liability. Since companies are strictly liable for their products, the plaintiff need only show that product malfunctioned contributing to the accident.

Lastly, there is a chance that some road conditions contributed to the accident. For instance, a pothole or some debris left on the road could have caused the truck’s tire to blow. At high speeds, a tire blowout is often a fatal event. The driver will lose control of the vehicle and it can cause the vehicle to swerve as shown in the video. In fact, tire failure is one of the most likely causes of this sort of accident. If the tire was still under warranty and properly inflated, then the trucking company may not be liable for the accident. In that case, it would be the tire manufacturer’s liability since the trucking company operated under the false belief that the tire was safe.

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