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Vero Beach Construction Dispute Lawyer

At Vocelle & Berg, LLP our Vero Beach construction dispute lawyers are aware that in the beginning of a Florida construction project all of the parties, the owner, the architect, the engineer, the general contractor, the subcontractors and the construction material suppliers all have the best intentions and envision the construction project to be completed without construction delays and without construction defects that end up costing time and money. Unfortunately, in the construction industry, things do not always go as planned.

Our Law Firm Represents:

  • Consumers with Construction Defect Claims
  • Owners
  • Design Professionals (Architects and Engineers)
  • General Contractors
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Construction Material Suppliers
  • Land Developers

Our attorneys understand that typical construction claims that arise during the course of a Florida construction project include non-payment, construction lien foreclosures, breach of implied warranty of workmanship, breach of implied warranty of constructibility, breach of the implied warranty that the plans and specifications are fit for the ultimate intended use, claims on liens and bonds, delays, construction defects and construction injuries. We have successfully represented clients in all these areas.

We Represent Owners and Associations in Construction Defect Disputes

Our law firm represents homeowners, condominium associations and homeowner associations throughout Florida faced with issues relating to construction defects. Construction defects can be devastating financially to the Florida homeowner, condo associations, homeowners association and HOA and in some instances, construction defects can lead to serious health conditions. Our firm will assist you with your construction defect case from the initial investigation until your case is resolved and you have remediated the defect to your Florida home or building.

Our attorneys work closely with expert engineers and architects to identify the most common construction defects. These defects may manifest themselves in water intrusion, mold and mildew, structural failure, faulty heating and air-conditioning, faulty electrical and plumbing systems and cracks in the flooring, ceiling, walls, foundation, and roof.

Our attorneys, with the assistance of our construction law experts, attempt to identify early on whom or what was the cause of the construction defect that manifested itself in your home or building. Sometimes there are multiple construction defects and multiple parties responsible for your damages.

We attempt to negotiate directly with the construction parties responsible or their construction liability insurance carrier to all the rights and remedies allowed under Florida Law to remedy the defect or obtain monetary compensation caused by the diminished value to your Florida home or building.

For further information on how our law firm can help you, please contact our Vero Beach construction dispute lawyers for a consultation.

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