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Board-Certified Specialists In Business Trial Law

Three partner attorneys of Vocelle & Berg, Buck Vocelle, Paul Berg, and Hal Melville are certified as specialists in Business Litigation and Trials by The Florida Bar. In fact, Mr. Berg is the past chair of the committee that oversees Florida’s Board-Certified Business Litigation Lawyers. Only 230 of Florida’s 90,000-plus lawyers are Board-Certified in Business Litigation with only 14 practicing on the Treasure Coast of Florida.

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Disputes are inevitable in business. Shareholders and partners may disagree over issues and entitlements, transactions may have ambiguities and individuals and companies may not always perform their obligations, fail to make payment or otherwise default on their duties. There are also instances where individuals or corporations interfere with contract rights or fraudulently induce another to act based on certain representations.

Cases such as these require the intervention of skilled business attorneys. The partner attorneys at Vocelle & Berg, LLP are board-certified in Business Trial Law. Vocelle & Berg, LLP has handled hundreds of cases involving:

Achieving The Best Possible Outcome For Our Clients In Business Litigation

Vocelle & Berg, appreciates the significance of these business disputes to small and large clients, and realize that early resolution is often the best solution. Our attorneys will strive to achieve the most favorable result recognizing the expense, time and resources that these matters can draw.

However, we are prepared to take cases to trial. Our firm has handled matters involving a few thousand dollars to those involving millions of dollars. Each business or commercial matter has its own nuances and requires significant experience to maneuver the complications of commercial laws and regulations.

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