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Your Estate Or Trust Dispute Needs A Certified Specialist

Estate and trust disputes are often very personal. The stakes may involve your loved one’s legacy. It is not enough to put your case in a judge’s hands and hope for the best. You need a skilled litigator on your side.

Vocelle & Berg, LLP, assists clients involved in an estate or trust dispute to reach favorable outcomes. Our board-certified civil trial attorneys have a history of successfully resolving clients’ disputes, bringing emotional legal battles to a close.

When Is Litigation Necessary In A Dispute?

Almost always, both parties benefit from resolving an estate or trust dispute out of court. However, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) cannot resolve every case. It may be necessary to proceed to litigation if:

  • The cost of ADR is higher than that of litigation
  • A trial would take less time than ADR
  • Negotiations have not led to the outcome you want
  • Your attorneys feel that they can achieve a better result in court

Whether you wish to resolve the matter out of court, or you think that your case will require litigation, Vocelle & Berg, LLP, can represent you at every step.

Board Certified In Civil Trial Law

Vocelle & Berg, LLP’s, two partner attorneys are board-certified in civil trial law by The Florida Bar. As certified specialists in civil litigation, they have unparalleled insight into representing clients at trial. Having won numerous cases in everything from business disagreements to insurance disputes, we have earned a reputation as one of the Treasure Coast’s top-notch litigation firms.

Get A Certified Specialist That Your Case Needs

In a case where the stakes involve your family, you deserve board-certified litigators who will fight for you. Contact our Vero Beach law firm to schedule an initial consultation. To reach us, call 772-562-8111 or send us an email.

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