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How to Fight Nursing Home Neglect

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Nursing home abuse and neglect are similar in many ways, but they are not the same. Abuse in a nursing home facility implies malicious intent to do harm to the elder. Nursing homes are regulated by both state and federal laws. Neglect is more of a breach of duty or failing to provide care… Read More »


Is A Nursing Home Illness Always Caused By Negligence?

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

It is not uncommon for elderly people to get sick or get infected under conditions that would not affect younger people in the same way. When an elderly person living in a nursing home gets sick, it could simply be a consequence of his age and compromised immune system. In some cases, however, the… Read More »


Patient Dumping As Nursing Home Abuse

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

There is a disturbing practice in the nursing home industry that poses a serious risk to residents’ safety, and it is known as patient dumping or hospital dumping. This practice is used to evict residents from their nursing home when the patients have run out of money and have nowhere else to go. Nursing… Read More »