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Is Rape Case Against Brown Really a ‘Money Grab’?


As American football enthusiasts debate the Antonio Brown case, Brown’s accuser and former trainer has come under fire for going forward with a civil suit. While this may, on the surface, seem like a money grab, as Brown would have us believe, there are other (better) ways of grabbing money.

Brown’s accuser could have, through an attorney, approached Brown and his lawyer separately threatening a lawsuit. This would have likely resulted in them agreeing to a settlement (with no public scrutiny) on the condition that the plaintiff sign a nondisclosure agreement. This is precisely what institutions like the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church have been doing for decades. They offer victims massive sums of money but require that they remain silent concerning the incident as a condition of the payout. Meanwhile, the defendant does not have to admit fault.

So why would the plaintiff through her lawyer go public with charges before approaching Brown with an offer to settle and keep the whole thing quiet? There can be only one reason. She wants to destroy him.

The Difference Between Civil and Criminal Lawsuits

Rape is very difficult for even the best prosecutors to prove. They have a higher standard of criminal cases. They must convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of the crime. In a criminal sex crimes case, in cases where it comes down to he-said, she-said, the prosecutor must have enough evidence to move forward. In this case, since no criminal charges were ever filed, many are accusing the plaintiff of going after Brown’s money.

Questions the Plaintiff Will Need to Answer

Brown’s attorney has already responded to the allegations by categorically denying every element of the complaint. This is a very strong position to take, but it has the advantage of insulating his client from any acknowledgment of sexual misconduct. Brown has also leaked video of his interactions with the plaintiff in videos posted over social media online. These appear to show the plaintiff sitting on Brown’s lap, giving the camera the finger, and dancing.

Additionally, many have wondered why the plaintiff would go back to Brown after he allegedly masturbated on her back while she was watching a religious video on her tablet. This appears to be corroborated in a vulgar text message that Brown sent to the plaintiff. Accordingly, the plaintiff and Brown had a falling out that lasted months. The plaintiff claims that Brown approached her, apologized for the incident, and she agreed to continue acting as her personal trainer.

In terms of the civil suit, this appears provable, but condonation would be a defense for Brown. The last alleged assault, which the complaint says was forcible violent rape, appears to be what is being sued over. That being said, the misconduct that resulted in a falling out may be enough to convince the NFL that Brown should be (at the very least) suspended. This could destroy his career.

Talk to a Vero Beach Personal Injury Attorney

Sexual assault is a criminal offense, but you can sue parties responsible for the assault for money damages. If you’ve been assaulted, talk to Vero Beach personal injury attorneys at Vocelle & Berg, LLP for a free consultation.