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I fell at a Florida business and the manager wants me to fill out some paperwork known as an incident report. What should I do?


If you fall at an establishment and the manager or some other employee wants you to fill out an incident report, there’s nothing wrong with doing that with one caveat or one exception. That is you make sure before you fill it out, that you’re going to get a copy before you leave the store. The reason that it’s important to fill it out is it’s a contemporaneous recollection or it’s made at the same time of what happened.

It’s fresh in your mind. But you want to make sure that before you leave that store, you get a copy. If the manager of the employee won’t guarantee that you’re going to get a copy after you fill it out, you can take your smartphone and you cant take a picture of it. But don’t fill it out if you’re not going to get a copy or a photograph of it.

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