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Category Archives: Defective Products


20-Year-Old’s Lung Problems Linked to THC Vaping

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

When a young man was admitted to Milwaukee hospital, he had already been diagnosed with pneumonia. When the doctors took a closer look, they told him he had the lungs of a 70-year-old. By that, they meant, his lungs were in pretty bad shape. The young man began vaping as a sophomore in high… Read More »


Amazon Product Liability Lawsuits Can Change How E-Businesses Operate

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Amazon was hit with two product liability lawsuits recently. One involved an exploding hoverboard and the other involved a dog leash that snapped back and blinded its owner. Amazon has long enjoyed a liability black hole as the distributor of products and an agent for companies seeking to sell them. However, these two lawsuits… Read More »


3M Faces Major Products Liability Suit for Defective Combat Earplugs

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Hundreds of military veterans are claiming that 3M’s combat earplugs were defective and are reporting serious hearing loss. The volume of military veterans making this claim has inspired judges to consolidate the lawsuits into a class. 3M was hoping that the case would be heard in federal court in Minnesota where they are located,… Read More »


Lawnmower Injuries are on the Rise

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

While Floridians generally have to deal with their lawns all year long, lawnmower season has just begun for our friends to the north. For those with relatively large lawns, the investment in a riding mower is worth the cost. However, there have been a reported “alarming” number of accidents resulting from the reverse gear…. Read More »


IoT Devices and Product Liability Lawsuits

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

So-called “smart” devices are ubiquitous now. Smart TVs, smart thermostats, smart refrigerators, stoves, and locks are replacing their less-intellectually endowed forerunners. But what makes these devices “smart” while the others are not so smart? The answer is that they are connected to the internet and linked together on your home network. For that reason,… Read More »


Product Liability Law in Florida

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

It’s no secret that America’s economy runs on consumer goods. Given the sheer volume of products that are manufactured, shipped and purchased, mistakes are inevitable. Organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission and laws established by the federal government were created to regulate this process, but it’s not always an adequate measure to guarantee… Read More »