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Category Archives: Business Law


The 3 Most Common Types of Business Disputes

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

During the course of their life cycle, businesses encounter a variety of legal concerns. It seems the concepts of business and warfare are often interchangeable. Both have several terms in common – tactics, strategy, ruthlessness, and leadership. The top three forms of business disputes are: Professional negligence claims Contract disputes Shareholder disputes All three… Read More »


The Quandary of the Business Dispute

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

If your organization has been in business long enough, it’s inevitable that some form of business dispute will arise. This is particularly true in the financial sector. To be sure, 2017 data released by FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, showed there were over 2,200 consumer and intra-industry arbitration cases filed in the United… Read More »


Suing For Misrepresentation In The Context Of Business Dealings

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

In the course of business, it is expected that business owners or representatives will try and market their goods and services in a way that causes others to enter into contracts or purchase those goods and services. When this happens through legitimate competitive offers, there is usually no problem with the tactics used, even… Read More »


Tortious Interference Of A Business Opportunity

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Running a business often comes with the expectation that other similarly situated businesses will compete for the same clients or consumers. Business owners take various actions to advertise and provide services that put their businesses above those of their competitors, in order to get more clients. However, there is a limit to the kind… Read More »


Specific Performance And Contractual Disputes

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

When business owners come together and enter into contracts for goods or services, each party to the contract is expected to deliver something to the other party, and a failure to do so can constitute a breach of contract. The remedy for a breach of contract can be damages that are either calculated from… Read More »