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Former worker accused of stealing trade secrets from Apple

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2022 | Business Law Litigation

Apple recently settled a lawsuit against a former employee of the tech company. Apple initiated legal action after learning the individual provided information related to its trade secrets to a journalist. Trade secrets are some of the most valuable properties owned by a Florida business, and improper access to these assets can result in the loss of designs, proprietary information, competitive advantage, research and much more.

Illegal sharing of information

The former employee accused of stealing trade secrets worked for the worldwide tech company for over a decade. While he was under Apple’s employ, he worked as a design architect. Apple alleged in the lawsuit that he abused his position in the company that provided him with access to certain secret information and that he took that information for personal gain.

However, the accused says that he did not gain anything or seek any advantage by sharing the information with the journalist. He allegedly shared details regarding hardware designs, unannounced feature changes and other types of important information. The terms of the settlement he reached with Apple require him to pay a sum of money to the company, and he is barred from accessing or sharing any information about the company in the future.

Protecting business interests

A Florida business is entitled to act after the misuse or theft of trade secrets. Like Apple, any business may pursue a civil claim against the offending party. A lawsuit may provide a way to recoup losses, as well as put a stop to the improper access of proprietary information.

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