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Fired CEO files lawsuit over alleged breach of contract

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2022 | Business Law Litigation

Contracts are some of the most valuable and important tools available to a Florida business, regardless of the size of the company or the nature of its operations. Companies can use contracts to outline their relationship with employees, suppliers, third parties and even their own executive staff. Breaching a contract could be grounds for a lawsuit, exposing a business to the potential for financial loss. Recently, a fired CEO sued his former employer for an alleged breach of contract. 

Defamation and other serious allegations 

A CEO who was terminated by his employer has filed a lawsuit outlining several serious allegations against the company. His attorneys claim the company wrongfully discharged him after the board of directors chose to terminate his employment a month before he retired. The former employer states that the reason for the termination was related to almost $2 million in unauthorized bonuses for himself. 

However, the plaintiff disputes that, claiming that he was terminated in retaliation for exposing board misconduct as they were searching for a new CEO. His lawsuit claims defamation, wrongful termination and actions done with the intent of causing harm to his reputation. The plaintiff has filed two different lawsuits against the company. 

Breach of contract claims 

Allegations of breach of contract are serious. Whether a former employee wishes to fight back against wrongful termination or a business wishes to defend its interests during a legal battle, it will be beneficial to have the assistance of an experienced Florida business attorney. This guidance is important at every step of negotiations or the litigation process. 

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