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Battle between cookie companies over trade secrets

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2022 | Business Law Litigation

The food industry can be highly competitive, and it is often difficult for one food chain to maintain its advantage over other similar places. In a tight market, it is particularly important for Florida businesses to protect their interests by securing their trade secrets. Trade secrets are different types of proprietary information that are important for a company’s operations, such as secret recipes, formulas, processes and more.

Was there a theft of a trade secret?

Crumbl Cookies recently sued two other companies, Crave and Dirty Dough, over the alleged theft of trade secrets and infringement of trademarks. When a company illegally uses the property of another business, it could be grounds for a legal claim. Crumbl Cookie alleges that a former employee gained access to closely held information about the company and gave it to Dirty Dough, one of Crumble Cookie’s main competitors.

The lawsuit is in the early stages, but these are serious, potentially damaging accusations made against Dirty Dough. If a court finds that Crave or Dirty Dough stole trade secrets or infringed on a trademark, Crumble Cookie may be owed significant compensation. This case illustrates the importance of protecting trade secrets and other closely held information.

The rights of a business

A business has the right to protect its property. This includes intangible assets in the form of trade secrets and intellectual property. A Florida business owner may benefit from speaking with an experienced attorney about how to protect its closely held information and valuable property from theft and misuse by employees and competitors.

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