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Famous golfer accused of breach of contract

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Business Law Litigation

Golfing icon Jack Nicklaus is facing accusations of failing to meet the terms of a contract he had with a company. Nicklaus Companies, a company that also oversees Golf Magazine and an online portal, says that Mr. Nicklaus violated an agreement he had with the company, even actively working against it. He is being sued for breach of contract, a step that companies, including those in Florida, may take if there are issues over a business agreement.

Accusations of contract violation

The complaint filed against Mr. Nicklaus states that he did not deliver on the terms of an agreement he had with Nicklaus Companies. Specific accusations against the 82-year-old retired professional golfer include breach of contract, tortious interference and breach of fiduciary duty. Mr. Nicklaus adamantly disputes the claims made against him, and he stated that he does not want the matter to become a public spectacle.

Mr. Nicklaus was paid $145 million in 2007 to enter a business relationship with Nicklaus Companies for the purpose of providing exclusive services to the company. The company handles various types of business ventures, including golf course design, artwork and more. Specific details of the exact expectations set forth by each party in the original agreement are not available.

Pursuit of appropriate remedies

The pursuit of a lawsuit after a breach of contract matter is sometimes a necessary course of action. A Florida business is entitled to seek appropriate remedies for issues related to the violation of a contract. These remedies may include compulsory adherence to the contract, compensation for financial losses and more. An assessment of the specific situation will reveal which course of action is most appropriate for the individual situation.

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