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How often should a company update their cybersecurity protocols?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2022 | Business Law Litigation


No matter the size, age or scope of the business, an organization likely relies on the security of its trade secrets and intellectual property to maintain a competitive edge and healthy growth potential. Historically, this has largely depended on the presence of physical security such as locked cabinets, vaults, safes or secured offices. Unfortunately, many organizations have started to rely heavily on digital storage in recent years.

Cybersecurity often seems like a moving target. Cybercriminals continue to evolve and create new methods to circumvent protection. From social engineering to remote intrusion, an organization must constantly evaluate and revise their security to account for the strides made against them. There are numerous strategies to employ, including:

  • Rotating passwords: Many organizations encourage employees to change their passwords on a regular basis. This can limit the possibility that someone outside the organization or an untrustworthy employee could compromise this level of security.
  • Immediately remove former employees: No matter if it is a partner, entry-level worker or an executive-level manager, when someone leaves the organization, security must immediately remove their access to secured systems to prevent intrusion.
  • Use updated software: With security protocols and protective applications in place, the organization must always ensure they are using the current, updated software. Programmers constantly update software to ensure it protects against the newest malicious attacks and intrusion methods.
  • Focus on employee training: As with updated software, training must be ongoing for an organization’s employees. Whether it is new workers, or an annual update, employees must understand the importance of digital security.

For most organizations, cybersecurity is a topic to be addressed once and then left by the wayside. Unfortunately, these companies can suffer devastating losses if individuals breach their security. Fortunately, a skilled business law firm can provide guidance, insight and recommendations regarding security – both physical and digital. In the event a company fears a breach, it is wise to immediately seek legal protection.

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