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Ensuring a noncompete agreement is binding

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2022 | Business Law Litigation

The terms of a business contract are important as even the smallest detail can become subject to scrutiny in the event of a dispute. One of the most important terms often included in these types of contracts are noncompete clauses, included for their ability to protect the interests of the employer if the employee leaves in the future. These terms protect valuable and proprietary information that is critical to the success of a Florida business. 

Creating the right noncomplete agreement 

When creating a non-compete clause or agreement, careful consideration should be given to all of the terms included. Typically, a noncompete prevents a former employee from working with a competing business for a certain amount of time, or it may outline what information an employee must refrain from disclosing after leaving the company. It should also specify the amount of time these terms will be enforceable. 

The intent of a noncompete agreement is to legally bind a former employee to an employer for a specific amount of time. The former employee, per the agreement, will not be able to reveal certain aspects about the business. These clauses allow a business to protect critical aspects of its operations.  

Protecting business interests first 

A business has the right to protect its interests when employees leave the company. One way to do this is by having noncompete clauses as part of any employment contract. When creating these agreements, considering their implications or defending their enforceability, it will be beneficial to first discuss this with an experienced Florida business law attorney.   

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