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The most practical ways to resolve a partnership dispute

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Business Law Litigation

Like other types of relationships, Florida business partners often must navigate personal complications and challenges in their working relationships. Conflict, disagreements, dishonesty or changing visions for the business can affect the health of this relationship and the well-being of the company. When there is a dispute between partners, it may sometimes be necessary to seek a legal resolution to the concern.

Ways to deal with conflict

It is possible to resolve some partnership disputes through conversations and discussions. However, more formal processes may be necessary to either formally end the partnership or reach a reasonable legal conclusion. Some options for dealing with partnership disputes include:

  • One partner can buy out the other if working together is no longer an option.
  • The two partners can go through mediation to resolve their dispute.
  • The partners can choose to sell their business to new owners.
  • The partners can seek a formal dissolution of their business relationship.

If no reasonable conclusion is possible through various out-of-court methods, one partner may find it necessary to fight for a satisfactory outcome through litigation.

The health of the business

The intent of resolving a partnership dispute is protecting the long-term health of the business. If two partners are no longer able to work together amicably, seeking a reasonable and timely solution is critical. A business partner may find it helpful to work with an experienced business law attorney in order to understand how he or she may fight for the best possible outcome to the ongoing partnership concern.

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