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T-bone accidents have tragic consequences

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Intersections are among the most common places for accidents to occur. Rear-end collisions, often resulting from distracted driving, happen frequently when vehicles stop for traffic lights. However, more serious T-bone accidents may be the result of a driver not paying attention to the traffic signals or aggressively trying to beat the light. The greater the speed involved in these motor vehicle accidents, the more serious the resulting injuries for the victims. 

A recent accident in Florida demonstrates how catastrophic such accidents can be. A 57-year-old woman and her passenger were traveling south on an exit ramp, intending to make a left turn onto a multi-lane highway. The driver had a green arrow and proceeded to turn left when an SUV traveling west on the highway failed to stop for the red light. The SUV plowed into the driver’s side of the car. 

The aftermath of the accident 

The impact of the collision resulted in catastrophic injuries for the driver of the left-turning car. She was transported to the emergency room, but doctors were unable to save her and soon pronounced her dead. Her 27-year-old passenger suffered serious injuries and was taken to a different hospital. No one in the SUV was badly hurt. 

While little more is known about the cause of the accident, police continue their investigation. They will likely evaluate blood samples from both drivers to determine whether drugs or alcohol played a part, and they may investigate the possibility that the SUV driver was distracted. In most cases, the loved ones of the victims of fatal motor vehicle accidents often face a long future of grieving and struggle as they try to cope with the senseless tragedy.  

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