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Drunk driving leads to tragic crash

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving after drinking alcohol may lead to arrest, fines, jail time and the suspension of one’s driver’s license, not to mention the risk of causing an accident. Nevertheless, these factors do not seem to deter some, and it is not uncommon for drunk drivers to return to the streets even after a conviction. A recent motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver is just one example of the devastation that can occur from the terrible choice to drink and drive. 


The 42-year-old man was driving on a suspended license. Police say that around 11 p.m., he headed north in the southbound lanes of a multi-lane highway. Witnesses reported seeing the driver weaving right and left to avoid oncoming traffic. Apparently, he was also traveling well above the speed limit, leaving unsuspecting drivers in the southbound lanes little time to react before the unthinkable happened. 

A deadly collision 

The driver of an oncoming vehicle was unable to avoid a collision with the impaired driver. The two vehicles crashed, and the driver of the southbound vehicle died at the scene. Two passengers escaped injury. Police arrested the impaired driver after he received treatment for his minor injuries. 


This deadly accident is only one of the hundreds of alcohol-related crashes in Florida each year. Such accidents not only cause pain and suffering, but they often leave families devastated and struggling. With so many options available for reaching one’s destination after drinking alcohol, there is no excuse for taking so many lives for granted by driving while impaired. 

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