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Filing a claim for a trip-and-fall injury

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2020 | Personal Injury

A trip-and-fall accident might leave someone with scraped hands and knees, or it may result in serious and even life-threatening injuries. Tripping and falling may lead to brain injuries, spinal injuries, broken limbs or other serious consequences. Someone who suffers injuries after tripping on a poorly maintained Florida sidewalk may have cause for a premises liability claim.

The burden of proof in such a claim lies with the victim. This means the person who suffered injuries must prove to the court that those responsible for the property were negligent in their duties to protect the public from harm. Some examples may include failing to clear debris from the walk, allowing the sidewalk to become uneven or deteriorate, or installing the sidewalk improperly.

How to file a claim following a fall

As much as possible, the victim of a trip-and-fall accident should make notes about the area where the fall occurred. This includes taking pictures and noting the weather conditions. Reporting the fall to the property owner or manager is important, as well as keeping a copy of the report. Of course, it is essential that the victim seek medical attention, follow the instructions of the doctor and obtain copies of the medical report. A legal professional can assist with these steps.

A skilled attorney can then evaluate the case by examining the evidence to see if there is enough grounds for a premises liability claim. A Florida legal professional can also assist the accident victim in determining exactly who was responsible for the conditions that led to the fall. A successful claim for a trip-and-fall injury might include compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering.

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