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Family files wrongful death claim after vicious dog attack

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2020 | Personal Injury

The sudden and tragic death of a loved one can raise many questions and emotions, particularly if the loved one suffered needlessly due to someone else’s negligence. Finding answers and resolving one’s emotions are often at the heart of the matter when surviving family members take the case to court through a wrongful death claim. One woman’s family in another state is seeking this kind of closure after she died in a brutal dog attack.

The 35-year-old woman was the mother of four children. While she was walking along the road one Monday afternoon, she was apparently attacked and mauled to death by a pack of large dogs. Neighbors say the dogs often terrorize the neighborhood. Police and other authorities had responded to numerous complaints about the dogs, from attacking mail carriers to killing livestock. The owners reportedly persisted in allowing the four aggressive dogs to run free.

In addition to criminal charges the county is investigating, the woman’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Such lawsuits often have numerous goals, including:

  • Sending a strong message by holding people accountable for their negligence or reckless behavior
  • Obtaining compensation to cover the cost of a loved one’s funeral and related expenses
  • Paying for any final medical bills stemming from a loved one’s injuries
  • Receiving damages for the physical, emotional and financial struggles one experiences after the tragic loss of a family member
  • Providing for the future needs of children a victim may have left behind
  • Being the voice of justice for a loved one

Wrongful death cases are often complex and challenging because the burden of proof is on the victim’s family. However, with a strong legal ally, a successful claim may help them move forward and find some peace of mind.

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