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Collecting proof of pain and suffering after a car accident

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

When an individual goes through a serious car accident that leads to tragic injuries, there is a type of compensation they can receive for all the distress they endure.

These damages fall under a category called pain and suffering. Pain and suffering damages are meant to provide relief to individuals who have gone through physical and/or emotional pain related to accident-related injuries. For example, maybe you suffered a concussion after a head-on crash with reckless driver. Consequently, you often experience waves of vertigo or dizziness well after the crash. Going through nausea isn’t pleasant. And dealing with any kind of ongoing pain can cause you to be in a bad mood or even lead to depression. Since these are all experiences are a result of the accident, you could be eligible for pain and suffering damages.

It’ll be hard to recover compensation when there isn’t proof of your injury. But here are some files and photos you can compile ahead of your trial to help build your case:

  • Medical documents: Save any record of and bills from visits to the doctor’s or therapist’s office since the initial car accident. You can also request a doctor’s note that directly breaks down and injuries or conditions you’re suffering from and the treatment you’ve endured and will continue to receive.
  • Injury costs: Beyond medical bills, you might have to pay for one or more prescriptions that a doctor recommends to you. There is a chance that your injuries might have caused you to miss work too, so proof of lost wages is important to collect.
  • Photo proof: Photos of your injury at the scene of the crash or at any other point may help insurance adjusters or judges assigned to your case get an idea of the severity of your condition.

As you collect proof, it’ll also be crucial to get a legal professional on your side to defend your rights. Going through this pain can already be extremely isolating, but an experienced personal injury attorney can support you along the way.


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