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What are the three main areas of driver distraction?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Florida drivers know that keeping your eyes on the road is important. In fact, there are three key areas of driver attention that can make or break safe driving. This means the distractions that target these areas are very dangerous. 

But do you know what those areas are? Today we will look into the answer for this. We will see what distractions cause drivers the most harm due to these three areas. 

Three areas of driver attention 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration looks at distracted driving statistics. As we all know, distracted driving causes many crashes. Distracted driving awareness rose with campaigns against texting. But there are many things that are a distraction to drivers. 

This is because drivers have three key areas of attention. These areas are all necessary for safe driving. They include visual, physical and cognitive attention. As a driver, they manifest in specific ways. Visual attention means you must keep your eyes on the road. Physical attention means you must keep your hands on the wheel. Cognitive attention means you must stay focused on driving. 

How distracted driving targets these areas 

Distractions that target these three areas cause the most damage. This is part of the reason why texting and driving is so deadly. It takes your eyes from the road. It takes your hands from the wheel. It takes your mind from the task at hand. Other tasks that distract all three areas of driver attention are just as risky. But anything that distracts any area of attention may result in a crash. This includes changing the radio station. It even includes holding a conversation with passengers. 

Once you realize how many driver distractions there are, you can prepare for them better. This may allow you to drive in a safer way. 

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