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The Price of an Unexpected Funeral

| Feb 29, 2020 | Personal Injury

Death is expensive in more ways than one. The emotional toll can be the hardest cost to pay, but you might find it exacerbated by the other charges that are racked up in the process of attending to an unexpected loss. Those people experiencing the trauma that comes from the wrongful death of a loved one have a long road ahead. Securing the justice and compensation you are owed by pursuing a wrongful death case can smooth out this road by removing the sudden financial burden of a funeral.

The Federal Trade Commission provides a consumer checklist for what should be expected when arranging a funeral. From embalming to the burial, there are a number of steps that we do not see behind the curtain as funeral directors do their best to provide you a final sendoff for the victim. As much as it would be nice for this process to simply happen, everything has its cost.

Estimations put the average cost of a funeral in Florida at around $6500. It can be difficult to prepare for this amount – in the case of old age and natural death – and it can feel impossible when you suddenly have to pay it within weeks of tragedy.

When a case of wrongful death occurs, it affects everyone involved and ripples out. It can affect families and communities and leave emotional wounds that will take time to heal. The peace of mind that comes with having things financially secure will not solve the heartache of loss but it may be able to ease your healing journey through griefl.


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