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Your injury can cause medical bills, but that’s only the start

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

It doesn’t matter if you got in a car accident on a backroad with one car or the highway with ten. Those weren’t injuries you had the day before, and they don’t come without costs. From medical bills to missing out on life, you could get compensation for all the prices you have to pay.

Car accidents caused over $433 billion in costs in 2017, according to the most recent year of reporting from the National Safety Council. Your share of that statistic piles on fast when an accident leaves you hurting. Getting help to cover them is crucial, but knowing what you can cover may be tricky.

Covering costs

The price of your injuries can fall into a few categories:

  • Medical expenses: Usually at the top of the list, the charges that arise from an accident can quickly become a big number and keep growing over time. From the ambulance ride to the hospital and emergency procedures down the line to ongoing therapy and in-home services, there are plenty of things to add to the price tag.
  • Pain and suffering: More than just medical bills, pain and suffering can help you recover from less tangible costs. The seriousness of your mental anguish, continued pain and loss of enjoyment could all figure into your damages.
  • Lost wages: Missing work can cause problems all on its own, not to mention the lack of income to cover living expenses. Even outside medical bills, the daily cost of life can quickly eat away at savings. You could get a percentage of your wages covered in a claim if your injury keeps you from getting to your job.

Make sure you get the help you need after an accident. Knowing everything that a claim could cover might be the first step toward getting the proper compensation after a wreck.

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