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Would You Want a Known Felon Conducting Your Cosmetic Surgery?

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2019 | Personal Injury


Miami is a hotspot tourist destination for a number of reasons. One of the reasons that have grown in popularity over the past few years is cosmetic surgery. More and more Americans are coming to Miami from other destinations around the country (and the world) for “affordable” plastic surgery. But for many, the cost proves too high.

How Surgical Tourism Works 

Let’s say that you want to have a procedure performed on you. You’re interested in a facelift, a butt lift, or some other form of cosmetic surgery. Your browser history records the fact that you made that search, and starts targeting ads to you related to your interest. Sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook all make use of targeted advertising to improve the likelihood that you will purchase a product and it works. We’ve all been interested in products that we’ve found on these sites.

But let’s say that what you’re interested in is very expensive. For instance, a surgical procedure. Now, the idea of getting that same procedure done at a fraction of the cost is quite attractive to you. You read more. You learn that Miami cosmetic surgical centers offer “excellent results” at affordable prices. Their online reviews seem good. You take a chance. You book a flight and an appointment with a Miami cosmetic surgical center, excited that you’re going to look your best.

However, for many of the women who were lured to Miami via these ads, the results were tragic.

Thirteen Women Have Died at Four Facilities Run by Felons 

In Florida, if you’re felon it is unlawful to operate a massage parlor, but there’s still now law preventing you from operating a cosmetic surgery center. In one case, a surgery center was being run by a convicted felon who split time between work and house arrest. Most had been convicted of various forms of fraud. While government agencies cited the clinics for numerous violations, the clinics were still free to operate on patients even amid numerous sanitary concerns and safety violations.

Despite efforts by the legislature to enact regulations governing these surgical centers, the legislators who proposed the new rules could not garner enough support. This is despite the fact that 13 women have died and dozens more have been injured suffering either permanent impairments to their bodily organs or lifelong scars that proved more unsightly than before they had undergone the procedure.

Indeed, cosmetic surgery is a hotbed for substandard doctors and substandard care. While there are many doctors out there who offer excellent results, others operate their clinics based purely on volume in order to justify deep discounts to their customers. These results are often tragic.

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