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How a Spinal Cord Injury Affects the Body

| Feb 11, 2019 | Personal Injury


The importance of the spinal cord can’t be overstated. With no exaggeration, its function is to connect the brain to every other part of the body. It’s crucial for mobility and normal function. Dissimilar to most areas of the body, the spinal cord is unable to repair itself if it sustains an injury. If it’s severed or crushed, that damage is permanent and will have life-changing effects.

Often, people sustain physical distress through no fault of their own. If you have incurred a spinal cord injury due to the negligence of another party, an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer in Vero Beach can assert your legal rights and greatly help with your case.

The Effects of an Injury to the Spinal Cord

Injuries to the spinal cord have two classifications- complete or incomplete.

A complete spinal cord injury is one in which neurological signals from the brain via the cord are unable to be transmitted to the rest of the body. That signal in cut off completely. Below the injury point, a victim will have absolutely no sensation or mobility.

An incomplete spinal cord injury occurs when neurological signals are partially interrupted. Victims in this case may experience a little sensation and moderate mobility. Or they may not be able to move certain parts of the body, but still retain a good amount of sensation.

The diagnosis of an injury of this nature is dependent on where the spinal cord sustained damage and the scope of the injury itself. The higher on the spine, the more area of the body that’s affected. If the injury is at the neck, everything below the shoulders is impacted.

The most significant injuries are those bordering the base of the skull. A complete spinal cord injury in that area may leave someone fully paralyzed below the site of the damage. They won’t have any sensation or bodily control.

If a person sustains an injury in their lower back, everything from that point downward is drastically affected. This may result in a victim losing sensation in their legs. In this example, they may lose control of their bodily functions as well.

The effects of spinal cord injuries are quite considerable including:

  • Loss of motor skills or coordination
  • Partial or full paralysis
  • Loss of bladder control
  • The mandatory use of a wheelchair
  • Loss of bowel control
  • The necessity for care 24-hours a day
  • Loss of speech
  • The inability to control breathing requiring the need of a respirator or other equipment

Contact a Double Board-Certified Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Vero Beach

Though damage to the spinal cord is permanent, you don’t have to endure the burden alone. At Vocelle & Berg, LLP, we ensure our clients understand their rights as they hold negligent parties accountable for the suffering they have caused.

We will closely examine the circumstances of your particular situation and discuss the possible paths toward monetary compensation for your medical costs, pain, and suffering. Contact us today for help.




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