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Causes of Boating Accidents Not Often Considered

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Recreational boating is supposed to be a fun, safe way to spend time outdoors with friends and family. Fishing off the coast is a very popular pastime in Florida. No one wants the possibility of a boat accident in their mind, but mishaps on the water do occur and can be very dangerous for everyone involved.

In 2017, there were 723 total accidents, 60 of which were fatal. according to statistics released by the United States Coast Guard.

To better your chances of avoiding a serious incident, you should stay informed about safe boating habits. But if you do find yourself involved in an accident on the water, don’t hesitate to contact a boat accident lawyer in Vero Beach who can advise you on how to best proceed.

How the Size of a Body of Water Affects Boating Accidents 

When a person decides to take a drive in their town, city or state, they are doing so with a degree of risk. That risk is elevated with the increased number of cars on the road, speed, and other variables when they drive on the highway. As a result, the driver is a little more tense and switches to a more defensive style of driving. When the motorist isn’t tense, they aren’t as alert which why car accidents often take place when a person is driving close to home.

This same concept can be applied to watercraft. When a person is operating a boat on a lake or ocean, the wide open space gives them a feeling of relaxation. They see vast expanses of water all around them and become less guarded.

They aren’t as alert and may take more risks forgetting the fact they are operating a vessel that’s traveling at 40+ miles per hour. The lack of attention by boat operators is the number one cause of boating accidents.

Owners versus Renters 

There are two groups of people who operate boats that couldn’t behave more differently.

Typically, the owners of boats take the pastime more seriously because they spent a lot of money driving and maintaining their watercraft. They also know how expensive and potentially dangerous an accident can be.

Those who rent a boat don’t have the same level of appreciation. Rules and laws aren’t followed as closely. Though not every renter is irresponsible, they often take unnecessary risks while seeking thrills. Inexperienced drivers push the limits of their rental and of boating safety.

Any watercraft traveling at a high speed poses a danger. But when that speed is combined with inexperience, the results can lead to fatal accidents.

Boat Accident Lawyer in Vero Beach

Boating accidents can have a life-changing effect on the victims involved and their families. The injuries sustained aren’t limited only to those who ride boats. Several mishaps occur as people are tubing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, and water skiing.

Collisions and capsized watercraft present very unique challenges to the filing of your Florida personal injury claim. Often, the owners of vessels fail to keep their insurance coverage up to date. Also, insurance companies frequently attempt to demonize the injured parties and deny and claims for compensation.

You need the skilled Florida boat accident attorneys at Vocelle & Berg, LLP to help you get the monetary award you deserve.


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