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Expert Witnesses In Personal Injury Cases

| Feb 28, 2018 | Personal Injury


Proving your injuries and the fact that the defendant was at fault in a personal injury case are important elements in ensuring that a plaintiff receives the compensation the plaintiff deserves. In order to prove these elements, there may be a need to hire an expert witness who can testify to how the accident happened and to the degree of the injuries suffered.

An expert witness is a witness who is qualified to testify on an issue based on the person’s education or experience. There are many different kinds of expert witnesses who are qualified to testify on a wide variety of subjects. In a personal injury case, an expert witness may be called to testify about how an accident could have occurred based on accident reconstruction techniques. An expert may also be called to testify on the injuries suffered in an accident, and the long term effects of the injuries.

Economists may also be called to testify as expert witnesses when there are claims of present and future economic losses suffered as a result of the accident. The compensation that is awarded to a plaintiff for future economic losses needs to be presented to the jury with some degree of accuracy, and an expert witness may be needed to explain the plaintiff’s future earning capacity. An economic expert can also explain how other sources of income, such as bonuses and pensions or retirement funds are affected by the plaintiff’s inability to work.

Expert witnesses differ from other witnesses who testify at trial because they do not typically testify to what they witnessed at the time of the accident. They instead rely on other forms of evidence in the case to form an expert opinion on an issue and present their findings or conclusions to the jury. Expert witnesses do not make decisions on ultimate issues that are left for the jury. For example, an expert witness cannot testify to the fact that the defendant legally caused the car accident that injured the plaintiff or that the defendant legally breached his duty when he caused the accident.

Not every personal injury case needs an expert witness, and the decision to hire one depends on many factors and the theory of the case. The decision to hire an expert is typically made by the attorney handling the personal injury case, in consultation with the client. The attorney can explain the cost of the expert to the client when explaining the need to hire the witness in order to present the best case.

Contact an Experienced Attorney 

If you were injured in a car accident and are unsure of how you can go about seeking compensation, you need to schedule a consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney. In addition, before accepting an offer from an insurance company in order to avoid trial, it is important to speak to an experienced accident lawyer who can advise you on the value of your claim. For more information, contact Vocelle & Berg, LLP, in Vero Beach, Florida for a free consultation with an experienced car accident injury lawyer.


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