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Specific Performance And Contractual Disputes

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

When business owners come together and enter into contracts for goods or services, each party to the contract is expected to deliver something to the other party, and a failure to do so can constitute a breach of contract. The remedy for a breach of contract can be damages that are either calculated from… Read More »


Expert Witnesses In Personal Injury Cases

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Proving your injuries and the fact that the defendant was at fault in a personal injury case are important elements in ensuring that a plaintiff receives the compensation the plaintiff deserves. In order to prove these elements, there may be a need to hire an expert witness who can testify to how the accident… Read More »


Workers’ Compensation After A Car Accident

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

When a person gets injured in the course of employment, the person is generally able to collect workers’ compensation. The ability to collect from workers’ compensation does not impact the injured person’s ability to collect insurance from his Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance in all cases, although there may be limitations in how this… Read More »


Be Careful When Talking To The Insurance Company After Your Accident

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Handling communication with an insurance agency after a car accident can often be challenging because saying the wrong thing could affect an injured person’s ability to receive a fair settlement from the insurance company. Unfortunately, even when a person is dealing with his own insurance company, he should not assume that the insurance company… Read More »


Seeking Compensation Following A Multi-Car Accident

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Figuring out who is liable in a car accident involving two cars is often a matter of figuring out which driver was negligent. Determining liability in situations where there are multiple cars can become considerably more difficult to figure out. In some situations, it is possible for there to be more than one liable… Read More »


How Is Pain And Suffering Calculated?

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

After an accident, it is not uncommon for a person who is seriously injured to experience life altering pain. The pain experienced can keep a person from working or enjoying leisure activities that were once a part of that person’s life. This can be devastating to the injured person, who has to adjust his… Read More »


Social Media Use Before And After A Car Accident

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

There have been incidents of people driving while using their cells phones, especially when using social media. In one incident reported by NBC News, a woman live streamed her car accident on Facebook live, and the accident resulted in the death of one of the passengers in the car, who happened to be her… Read More »


Liability For The Negligent Driving Of Others In Florida

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Lending your car to another person who ends up causing an accident could cost you. When a driver negligently causes an accident while driving a car that does not belong to him, the car owner can also be held financially liable for the damages and injuries caused by the negligent driver. There needs to… Read More »


The Dangers Of Fatigued Or Drowsy Driving

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

It is generally accepted that it is dangerous to drive while drunk or while distracted by text messages and other cell phone distractions. However, it is easy for drivers to ignore or be unaware of another common driving danger, fatigued driving. When drivers drive tired, they put themselves and others in danger because their… Read More »


Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Florida Car Accident

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

When a loved one dies in a car accident, his claim to compensation for the injuries sustained in the car accident does not necessarily die with the person. Certain family members of the deceased may be able to receive compensation by filing what is referred to as a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death… Read More »