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20-Year-Old’s Lung Problems Linked to THC Vaping


When a young man was admitted to Milwaukee hospital, he had already been diagnosed with pneumonia. When the doctors took a closer look, they told him he had the lungs of a 70-year-old. By that, they meant, his lungs were in pretty bad shape. The young man began vaping as a sophomore in high school. During that time, he was an athlete who played multiple sports. Now, he’s in so much pain that he can barely breathe.

Vaping and THC

The young man admitted that he also used vapor devices to get stoned. While vapor cigarettes are believed to be a tar-less and safer alternative to regular cigarettes, less is known about the connection between vaping and THC oil. Federal health officials have been made aware of at least 200 cases of acute pulmonary problems and at least one death. The common denominator was the use of THC oil.

While the reports indicate that there may be a serious problem with THC oil, no one is sure what it is yet. Federal researchers have been reluctant to make sweeping claims about the problems vaping THC can cause. But this uptick in vaping-related injuries may not necessarily be related to THC at all. But is it something in the mixture of the oil or is it that THC oil itself is intrinsically more dangerous? That has yet to be determined.

If any of these individuals file lawsuits against the industries that are making these products available to the public, they will need to know specifically how the THC oil is causing such severe lung damage when typical nicotine vapor juice does not.

Nicotine Vapor Oil

Nicotine vapor oil is alcohol-based and does not cause lipoid pneumonia, which is a build-up of fat molecules that cause inflammation in the lungs. This is the type of pneumonia that doctors are finding in those who are vaping THC. There would appear to be some cause to believe that the THC-based products do cause lipids to build up in the lungs. If this is true, the manufacturers of these products, so long as they are being purchased by licensed distributors, can be held responsible. However, in states like Florida, where marijuana is still illegal, a specific manufacturer may not even be identifiable.

Now, some doctors are recommending that vapers stay away from any vapor product that is not alcohol-based. That includes THC oil.

Meanwhile, the vaping industry is pushing investigators to clarify that the problem is related to a certain type of oil and not all vapors will experience these problems. Federal officials and CDC, however, have a vested interest in investigating the problem thoroughly before moving forward.

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