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Stacking Uninsured Motorist Insurance Florida

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Getting into a serious car accident caused by an uninsured driver can turn an already bad situation worse because it means that you have to foot the accident related bills instead of relying on the other driver’s insurance company. Because there is a high risk of uninsured drivers on the road, car owners are… Read More »


Recovery For A Car Accident Caused By A Negligent Mechanic

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Most car owners often have to take in their cars to a mechanic for regular maintenance, or for repairs when the car exhibits mechanical problems. The car owners trust that the mechanic fixing their cars will do the best job and repair any major damage that with the car owners’ permission. When a mechanic… Read More »


Pre-Existing Conditions And How They Can Affect Your Ability To Seek Compensation After A Car Accident In Florida

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident can be difficult if you have pre-existing medical conditions that were made worse in the accident. In some cases, your pre-existing conditions could make you more likely to suffer a serious injury after even a minor car accident. People with pre-existing medical conditions or injuries may… Read More »


Recovering Compensation From A Car Manufacturer After An Accident Caused By A Defective Car Part

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Once in a while, car owners may hear a news report, or receive notices in the mail, about a parts defect that affects their cars. Car owners are supposed to have those defective parts repaired in order to avoid having an accident that is caused by the defective part.  When car owners are not… Read More »


Punitive Damages As Part Of A Car Accident Claim

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

At the end of a trial, a jury may sometimes decide to award a plaintiff “punitive damages.”  An award of punitive damages can often be higher than what are referred to as compensatory damages, which are geared at compensating someone for the actual loss suffered. However, punitive damages are not awarded in every case,… Read More »


Seeking Compensation From Third Parties For A Drunk Driver’s Negligence

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Drunk drivers cause car accidents that kill thousands of people annually nationwide. Drunk driving accidents also cause serious injuries to others who end up needing expensive long term medical care. A person who gets injured in a car accident caused by a drunk driver, and whose injuries can be classified as serious injuries under… Read More »


When Your Actions Can Limit Your Compensation Following A Car Accident

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Florida drivers are expected to seek compensation from their own insurance companies in the event of a car accident, regardless of which driver is at fault in causing the accident. There are exceptions to this rule, for example, when the driver suffers permanent injuries, or has medical bills that exceed a certain amount. If… Read More »


Can A Failure To Follow A Law Limit My Compensation For An Injury Sustained In A Florida Motorcycle Accident?

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Motorcycle riders often face more dangers than other road users. Not every driver knows how to take precautions when sharing the road with motorcyclists and this can lead to accidents in which motorcycle riders are seriously injured or killed. Sometimes however, accidents can be caused by the actions of the riders, and if the… Read More »

Vero Beach Motorcycle

Motorcycle Insurance in Florida Made Simple

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Motorcycle insurance is optional for anyone 21 and older and wearing a helmet. Anyone 21 or older may ride a motorcycle without a helmet if they are covered by an insurance policy providing for at least $10,000.00 in medical benefits for injuries incurred in a crash. So, you think to yourself either 1) I… Read More »


Hidden Risk Of Serious Injury After A Car Accident

By Vocelle & Berg, LLP |

Not every car accident results in visible injuries. It is possible for a person who is involved in a car accident to leave the scene of the accident feeling no pain and experiencing no symptoms, only to feel the effects of the accident hours or even days later. While in some cases the delay… Read More »